3D printing with metal clay:

Project Update: Metal Prizes are printed and on their way!

For those of you who contributed toward this prize category in our indiegogo campaign, we will be
sending out 3D printed key chains this week. I know we also have a round of custom 3D prints to fulfill,
so please stay tuned. If you contributed to this group, I will be in touch with you shortly.

Tech Update: We are testing our production prototype MMM!

The new Mini Metal Maker production prototype is a far cry from our original wooden model.
It includes nearly everything you will see in the final production model.
The new features currently include:

     >Larger Bed Size: X9.5cm, Y9.5cm, Z6cm. (up from 6x6x6)

     >Commercial Plastic Guides, perfect alignment no lubrication required.
     >All Metal Construction. (We weren't ever really going to use wood like our first prototype!)
     >High Pressure Extruder: 100 lb of force, can move stiff clay for limitless layer count.
     >Mini Metal Forge Software: easy-to-use interface software for setting up and controlling your prints.

Our Campaign Video: *Now successfully funded project on Indiegogo! View our indiegogo website.

The Mini Metal Maker from David Hartkop on Vimeo.

The Mini Metal Maker is a game-changer in the world of 3d printing. It gives engineers and designers a new tool for fabricating precision parts without expensive machinery or difficult manual processes. It puts a powerful new tool in the hands of artists and craftsmen for creating customized repeatable items in metal. It is also a valuable and accessible educational tool because it is low cost and small enough to be portable.